Designing A Website For Non-profit

2 min readNov 8, 2020

Recently I found an opportunity to help a local non-profit organization to revamp their WordPress site with a new theme that they have purchased. Nothing too difficult here since we are using visual editors (Elementor, and some custom CSS when functionalities are limited), and a purchased theme has already provided many preset elements to work with. However, as a first-timer, there were lessons to be learned in the process of communicating with the beneficiary and ultimately producing a design that is both aesthetic and functional.

I am still in the midst of working on that website, so today I would like to just share one part of the journey: preparation.


Upon reflection, I think I made the mistake of not laying out the plan well enough. There were reference websites that the organization wishes to emulate. There were also some pointers given as to what needs to be included on the website. I started working on the new website based on the impression that I was getting from those reference sites and also some of the requirements that were provided. Soon I had to get back and forth with the in-charge because I did not gather all the resources I needed for the job.

Here I would like to summarise some of the things to look out for, to better prepare myself in the future.

Basic Information

  • Login details
  • Project timelines
  • Communication channels and liaison personnel
  • Any other team members and distribution of responsibilities

Essential Assets

  • Organizational logo/icon in different formats
  • High-resolution images of organization events etc
  • Portraits/photos of members in the organization
  • Any other images/icons to be used

Essential Textual Information

  • Slogans/taglines
  • Mission, Vision
  • Organization backstory
  • Services provided
  • Member description
  • Contact information
  • Social media handles
  • Past articles and posts

Design Choices

  • Color palette
  • Sections to be on the homepage
  • Items on the header/menu
  • Page structure (what pages are required)

That’s all for now😄

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